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Anna Mae Penland
Lic: OR #10667
WA #MA 60142936
TX #MT005337


Patrick O'Hollaren, MD, Emanuel Children's Hospital, Portland

I am a surgeon in the Legacy Health System.  The physical demands of long days in the operating room are known to all surgeons.  Couple that with a history of multiple joint surgeries, and the need for therapeutic massage is real.  I have experienced the benefits of Ms Penland’s expertise on multiple occasions, and her skill has allowed me to continue my demanding schedule.  I give my highest recommendation for her ability to perform therapeutic massage for chronic conditions and post-operative rehabilitation.

Maureen B., Hospital Nurse, Portland

I went to AnnaMae with a painful frozen shoulder.  In the very first visit, she moved my shoulder into a full range of motion, something I had not been able to do for several months…even working with a physical therapist.  After 3 or 4 weekly visits, my active range of motion improved 75% and I no longer have pain except in a few extreme movements.  My physical therapist is quite impressed with my rapid improvement.

Gordon S., Auto Repair Shop Manager, Portland

I’ve had chronic foot pain for three years. I’m on my feet all day and the pain has been crippling at times.  I tried many therapies, even orthotic boots. Then I met AnnaMae. To my surprise, within a few sessions, I was able to walk without pain. She found areas of problems many professionals had failed to find. I would highly recommend AnnaMae to any skeptics like I was.