Cancer Massage in Portland

AnnaMae is now working with doctors and nurse practictioners to help those suffering from cancer, lymphedema and lymph issues caused by chemotherapy and radiation.  Always eager to learn, AnnaMae became a Manual Lymph Drainage Practitioner (MLP) to give relief to those diagnosed with cancer and lymphedema and those with lymph issues caused  by chemotherapy and radiation.  She is one of four certified Lymphatic Drainage Specialists in the Portland area.
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Cancer, Lymphedema and the need for Manual Lymph Drainage

AnnaMae uses a gentle hands-on technique to attain and sustain proper functioning of the lymphatic fluid system. Her manual therapy techniques help to recirculate body fluids, stimulate functioning of the immune system, and balance the autonomic nervous system.
This is real relief to those who have been told they simply must “learn to live” with the condition. Manual Lymph Drainage provides significant relief for patients that typical treatment of elevation, diuretics, and compression hose or an elastic arm sleeve or leg stocking rarely provide.
Effective therapies should stimulate the movement of the lymph fluid back up through the remaining lymphatic channels and lymph nodes, straining out bacteria and foreign particles, and increasing the resistance of the extremity to infection. When the limb is no longer swollen, pain decreases, mobility and functionality increase, skin condition improves, and the chance of infection is reduced.
To be effective, treatment must be done on a regular basis. Reduction may be maintained between treatments by the use of a compression sleeve or stocking. AnnaMae will also instruct patients in lymphic self-massage techniques for between treatments.
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