Accident Injuries in Portland- Medical Massage

Talk to your Auto Insurance Company immediately to report your accident and find out what heath benefits you might be entitled to. Both Washington and Oregon are no-fault insurance states and there may be medical massage benefits available to you for up to a year.
It is best to see your doctor or chiropractor within 24 hours of your car accident.
Whether you feel it immediately or not, a car accident creates great stress on your body.

Minutes after an accident, muscles tense and the body goes into mild or severe shock. A tight seat belt or being thrown forward or sideways causes impact trama.

Ask your doctor or chiropractor for a referral to see a medical massage therapist, like Anna Mae Penland. She has worked with doctors and chiropractors for 20 years to provide you with the necessary treatments to loosen stiff and sore muscles and provide relief to your traumatized body.
AnnaMae will provide a thorough exam and observe your stance and gait. She will use this first observation to measure your healing progress. AnnaMae will also communicate and file necessary paperwork with your insurance company on your behalf. She works with the following insurance companies:

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP