Theraputic Massages in Portland

Anna Mae Penland, NCTMB,LMT,MMP,MLD
Anna Mae Penland, NCTMB,LMT,MMP,MLD
AnnaMae Penland NCTMB, LMT, MMP, MLD

AnnaMae Penland is licensed to practice massage in Oregon, Washington and Texas. 
She has earned professional certificates from the following national organizations of National Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers (NCTMB), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and Medical Massage Therapist  (MMP).   She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Studies from Clayton College of Natural Health and graduated with massage training from The School of Natural Therapy in McAllen, Texas.
Always eager to learn, AnnaMae became a Manual Lymph Drainage Practitioner (MLP) to give relief to those diagnosed with cancer and lymphedema and those with lymph issues caused by chemotherapy and radiation.  She is one of a few certified Lymphatic Drainage Specialists in the Portland area.
AnnaMae specializes in medical massage, rehabilitative and therapeutic as well as wellness massage.    It is in her touch and her intuitive abilities to know just where to go to help relieve pain that has made her such a success..  She is skilled in listening and looking beyond where the pain is coming from to hear what your body is saying through its symptoms.   Her holistic approach involving body, mind and spirit has brought relief to hundreds and hundreds of clients over her 25 years as a massage therapist.
Her healing strategy begins with a thorough discussion of a current problem and then she uses that pain or discomfort as a guide to find its source. Using her natural healing ability, she is often able to feel where the client hurts and knows what needs to be done to relieve pain and increase a client’s range of motion.
“I look for the muscle or muscle group from which the pain is emanating as my guide.  It may be an injury or accident that causes the pain.  Or repetitive movement.  Stress and emotions can also trigger pain.  I listen to my patients carefully and then look beyond the pain source to understand what the body is really saying before I start our sessions.”