Massage Therapist in Portland

Today you’ve found your way to Active Massage Therapy in Portland and AnnaMae Penland. Perhaps you’re looking for pain relief.  You hurt and want a massage therapist who is extensively trained and experienced.  AnnaMae listens.  And then works to help you feel better and become active again.    
Is it your shoulder?  Did you injury yourself playing weekend sports or gardening? Perhaps lower back pain has brought your life to a standstill?  Or maybe you have been in a car accident  and you have doctor’s orders to see a medical massage therapist today?
Call AnnaMae today for a free phone consultation.  503-752-3657
Whether you have lymphedema or need lymph drainage because you are going through radiation or chemo…or you are suffering from a chronic pain like carpel tunnel, TMJ, or fibromyalgia, relief is possible and Anna Mae Penland is the medical massage therapist who can help you become pain free and active again.
AnnaMae Penland has 20 years experience working with complicated cases that require her extensive training, intuitive skills and natural abilities.

As a highly regarded professional in her field, she works with many insurance companies. Her healing abilities are unique while her rates are competitive.  AnnaMae teams up with doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists to give you the best medical massage possible.